Sustainable Development

Sustainable Developemnt

TIDES aims to diversify into new ventures in terms of innovative assimilation of know-how of its management.

While maintaining focus on the Company’s core competencies and commensurate business focus, it is our considered opinion that the rich experience within the Company provides great opportunities for an “out of the box” thinking for diversification.

As a Policy, the Company continues to focus on potential opportunities which support sustainable development both financially as well as environmentally. Stability enables us to take a long term approach towards all aspects of our business including financial, social and environmental thereby improving our ability to deliver value to our stakeholders.

TIDES sustainability commitment represents a step change in this evolution through improved integration of social, environmental, ethical and economic factors into all initiatives we take.

At TIDES, we value the importance of human life and carefully review every events which may lead to harm to people, environment and assets. It makes our resolve even stronger to provide a workplace that consistently delivers Zero Harm and we are committed to accepting nothing less.

We have established a strategic approach to sustainable development that looks not only at what we need to do at a business level but also involves participation in a number of initiatives to better understand how we can minimize negative impacts and maximizing our contributions to the society as a corporate social responsibility

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