SpiDAR™ is a wind LiDAR system that is revolutionizing wind measurement and significantly improving the profitability of wind farms across the globe.

The SpiDAR is an innovative, cost effective, and patent protected pulsed wind LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) system, for remote sensing of wind.

Primanex’s world renowned magneto-optics technology is embedded into the optical heart of SpiDAR, which is the only one commercially available LiDAR that can scan the laser beam and sample the wind aerosol at an unprecedented speed without involving any mechanical moving parts. Such unique feature combined with “Direct Detection” architecture not only advantageously provides SpiDAR with unprecedented high-speed, robustness and durability that is impossible for other LiDARs across the globe, but also helps SpiDAR to become the only one LiDAR that does not require back-to-factory re-calibration in lifetime. Such unique benefits inherited from SpiDAR design save customers both cost and time.

SpiDAR Advantages:

  • No planning permits required
  • Easy to deploy and measure wind in all terrains
  • Reliable – no need for return-to-factory re-calibration
  • Measure wind shear profile across the entire rotor diameter
  • Highly portable and robust – easy to carry with no moving parts
  • Much smaller laser scanning cone angle -to measure local wind and require less space clearance
  • True turbulence intensity measurements
  • More resilient under raining weather
  • Low power consumption