Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibilty

The concept of CSR has been looked upon as closely linked with the principle of sustainable economic development, which requires that organizations should make decisions based not only on financial factors but also on immediate and long term social and environmental consequences of their activities. Therefore, being a knowledge-based company, TIDES has always been sensitive towards the concerns of society and is committed to operating its core business in a socially responsible way by taking into consideration the wider interests of the community and the environment.

The CSR mission of TIDES have been guided by two elemental ideations, namely, the philosophy of enhancing the educational, health and environmental environs of the society and towards supplementing/supporting the ongoing and planned initiatives of the local, state or central government with projects / programs being located in and around its work places which includes project sites, regional and branch offices and the headquarters in New Delhi. The activities so undertaken are in consonance and consultation with State Governments, district administration, local administration as well as Central Government departments/agencies, Self-Help Groups, etc.

TIDES is committed for operating its core business in a socially responsible way, by taking into consideration the wider interests of the community and the environment, with a vision of promoting sustainable development.

The objectives of the TIDES CSR Policy are:

  • To assist socially and economically weaker segments of society to overcome hardship and impoverishment while recognizing the interests of all its stakeholders.
  • To create community assets for the development of rural/urban society.
  • To undertake CSR activities largely in and around TIDES project sites and offices.
  • To reinforce the ‘positive & socially responsible image’ of TIDES as a corporate entity.
  • To enhance increased commitment at all levels in the organization towards reinforcing the social and environmental conscience of the company.
  • To assure stakeholders that their company is sensitized toward enhancing the quality of life & economic well-being of the society.

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